Paris spring school

Optical Imaging and Electrophysiological Recording in Neuroscience

Online 2021 edition, May 10 – June 10

IN THE HEART OF PARIS (In the heart of the internet this year)

In-depth training for young neuro-scientists

       The Paris Spring School offers training that revises the fundamentals of optics and electronics before building up to the latest cutting-edge imaging and electrophysiological techniques applied to neuroscience. Delivered by experts in their fields, including many from the organising Parisian institutions, the lectures include a wealth of practical detail. The course will be organised as a month-long series of lecture pairs (3h in total). The course program is here; participants will be able to attend a sister course in imaging techniques. Registration fee will be 150€, but we plan to offer stipends (see the application procedure).

The course starts on May 10th